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Numerical simulation of environmental flows

Short bio

I am Assistant professor in the Department of Science and Technology of Materials and Fluids at the Polytechnical School of Teruel (University of Zaraogoza). My on-going and future research focuses on the development of efficient simulation tools for environmental flows.


I have also supervised several degree projects and master theses. For prospective students, you can find the topics offered here: ¿interesado en hacer tu TFG/TFM? aquí enconrarás algunos temas propuestos.

Research lines

Nowadays, the combination of modern supercomputers with cutting-edge simulation tools allows to solve very complex problems of technological and scientific interest and, what is more important, it allows to be predictive. The numerical simulation of environmental events, such as atmospheric, oceanic or surface water flows, has come to a point where trustworthy predictions can be done at an affordable cost, providing quite a realistic picture of the potential threats linked to those events. On the other hand, the rocketing technological growth of the manufacturing industry is demanding the study and resolution of new problems that can be addressed through the same approach.

The current trend is to design accurate and efficient schemes by means of a combination of: (a) very high order numerical schemes (e.g. WENO, ENO, DG reconstructions with ADER and RK integrators), which are more efficient than low order schemes, (b) adaptive mesh refinement techniques and other sophisticated meshing algorithms, (c) efficient parallel implementations for high performance computing (OpenMP, MPI, CUDA and OpenACC, among others) and (d) machine learning and big-data approaches.

Funded projects as PI


For more information, please contact me: anavas [at]