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Fluid Mechanics

The course is taught in spanish at the degree of Electronic Engineering (University of Zaragoza). The syllabus is presented below:


The course is organized in the following 6 topics:


During the course, the students will complete 5 laboratory sessions:

Course Project

The course project involves the analysis using Python of some realistic application by means of a suitable model. An example below:

Computational modelling of a Flettner Rotor

Inspired by: “AeroPython”, Lorena A. Barba, Olivier Mesnard. (April 2014). 10.6084/m9.figshare.1004727

Other materials

Interactive Fluid Mechanics Book

This book is to serve as a complementary learning material for the students:

Jupyter Notebooks for classes

I have created Jupyter Notebooks to serve as interactive teaching materials, both during classes and for the students to work at home.

Example: Streamlines, pathlines and streaklines in Jupyter