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Blood Flow simulation

Cloud-based academic blood flow simulator

I developed a cloud-based flow simulation tool with educational purposes. This is freely accessible at This work was funded by Gobierno de Aragon-FEDER (T32_17R. Mecánica de Fluidos Computacional) in the framework of the educational innovation project PIIDUZ_19_363 of the University of Zaragoza. This website offers a new user-friendly graphical user interface that allows the user to experiment with blood flow simulation.

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Figure 1. Snapshot of Bloodflowmodel main menu.

Development of augmented Riemann solvers for computational hemodynamics

Numerical resolution of blood flow using a 1D model with a viscoelastic fluid-structure closure formulation

The work herein shown has developed in colaboration with J. Murillo, G. Bertaglia, V. Caleffi and A. Valiani from the University of Ferrara. The experimental validation of the methods has been carried out in collaboration with M. I. Monge from the Critical Care Unit at SAS-Hospital de Jerez de la Frontera.

The model

In-vivo measurements

Post-processing of the results